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'Are Ye Dancin'? (The story of Scotland’s dance halls, rock’n’roll and how yer Da met yer Maw)’
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'Are Ye Dancin'?
(The story of Scotland’s dance halls, rock’n’roll and how yer Da met yer Maw)’

by Eddie Tobin (with Martin Kielty)

Dance halls in Scotland… there used to be over 600 of them, and the part they've played in Scottish culture in the second half of the twentieth century is huge. Are Ye Dancin'? is the first inside story of those venues.

The 2010 book about the history of Scottish dance halls, the rock'n'roll era, and how yer da met yer maw.

The book captures through personal stories – and insider Eddie Tobin’s narrative – just how great the dance hall movement was, and how great it could be if it was back. Nostalgia for the past? Maybe – so now read on!

Former manager of Night Magic in the 80s, Eddie Tobin (with Martin Kielty) captures the wit and humour of the characters in the dance halls across Scotland where he worked, with his own memories of what made this scene tick in a career that spans 50 years.

Eddie’s introductions are followed by anecdotes and stories from people who worked in the halls, with people who went dancing there. In an easy-to-read coffee-style book this book features over 100 photographs. It's great for reading cover-to-cover, or just dipping in.

Are ye Dancin'? focuses on the stories of the people who made the dancin' what it was – you. Whether you were a dancer, a cashier, in the band, a steward or whatever, we're looking for your stories about those unforgettable nights on the town.

Author's web site

Are Ye Dancin' was published by Waverley Books on 30 September 2010.


Ghoulz' Review for

‘Are Ye Dancin’? (The story of Scotland’s dance halls, rock’n’roll and how yer Da met yer Maw)’ - by Eddie Tobin & Martin Keilty with a foreword by Midge Ure is a collection of affectionate memories of some of Scotland’s great dancehalls and ballrooms. Amongst many others, these include Glasgow’s Apollo, Barrowland Ballroom, Locarno & Mayfair; Edinburgh’s Beat Club, Clouds, Palais and Tiffany’s; Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom; Elgin’s Two Red Shoes; Strathpeffer’s Pavilion and of course the famous Kinema Ballroom in the city of Dunfermline.

Other Fife venues include Kirkcaldy’s Bentley’s & Burma Ballroom; Rosyth’s Coop Hall & Dunfermline’s St Margaret’s Hall while the bands mentioned include Nazareth, SAHB, The Beatles, Elton John, Johnny Cash, The Poets and The Red Hawks. 

It’s packed with reminiscences and anecdotes from the venue owners, staff, musicians, DJs and punters who experienced the excitement that once was and still is to be found in Scotland’s few remaining dancehalls / discotheques / night-clubs & live music venues from the Big Band era through the beat groups & the golden age of live music to the zenith of Disco & beyond.  The stories vary from the interesting & amusing to the outrageous and life-changing and all linked together by a fascinating set of period advertisements and photographs to help both bring the stories to life & jog the reader’s own memories.

Even if you neither frequented the venues mentioned or in the timeframe discussed, the contributors still develop a strong sense of just what it was like to have been there – from both sides of the cashier’s window.

The social importance of public entertainment venues such as these is often overlooked; however it’s no exaggeration to say that lives were enhanced, begun and sometimes unfortunately ended as a direct result of boys and girls hoping to meet each other!

I have no doubt that the book only begins to hint at some of the stories which could probably never be published for legal reasons!

Read it either as a novella or dip in and out and it’s just as interesting as it is entertaining.

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