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Folk At The KB continued through 1973 with several regular support acts: Causeway Folk, Tin Wind, The Paddies, Monolug & Raz.

The Change/Air were the main Ballroom support residents.

Mott The Hoople were billed to return on Sunday 14/01/1973 but were cancelled.

Cliff Richard's appearance on Sunday afternoon 4th February 1973 was a gospel rally charity fundraiser for overseas missionary work by 'TEAR' (The Evangelical Alliance Relief fund) rather than a 'pop' concert. This was the same year as he represented Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest (for the second time in five years) and he was also appearing weekly on the Cilla Black show at this time. He was invited by The Dunfermline Christian Action Group and there were more than 1000 seated fans present at the sold-out event which raised approx £100. (A decent sum in 1973).

Was Tuesday 20th February 1973 Barbara Dickson's only appearance at the Ballroom?

Sunday 22nd April 1973 and Wizzard are billed to appear.  They turned up,... looked the stage over, decided it was too small and left!  Perhaps unsurprising really considering their eight-piece double-drum kit line-up, complete with on-stage appearances by other costumed performers. Still it's strange because Roy had played here three times before with The Move and so knew the venue. However, the support (The Flying Hat Band) moved in and by all accounts were very good.  Here's the advert!

22nd April 1973


Highlights this year included:

The Average White Band
The Bay City Rollers
Beggar's Opera
Edgar Broughton
Billy Connolly
Barbara Dickson
East Of Eden
Archie Fisher
Hamish Imlach
Judas Priest
The McCalmans
Cliff Richard
Silly Wizard
The Tannahill Weavers


January 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/01/1973MondayDog WatchThe Change
04/01/1973ThursdayThe Talk Of The Town

05/01/1973FridayRip KirbyThe Change
09/01/1973TuesdayCauseway Folk
Folk At The KB
11/01/1973ThursdayThe Talk Of The Town

12/01/1973FridayBubblesThe Change
14/01/1973SundayCrisp *
* Mott The Hoople were billed but cancelled (Ticket price was 75p)
16/01/1973TuesdayGreenmantleCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
18/01/1973ThursdayThe Talk Of The Town

19/01/1973FridayThe Madison FourThe Change
20/01/1973SaturdayClockwork OrangeThe Change

23/01/1973TuesdayCauseway Folk
Folk At The KB
25/01/1973ThursdayThe Talk Of The Town

26/01/1973FridayPendulumThe Change
27/01/1973SaturdayForever Amber

28/01/1973SundayEast Of Eden

30/01/1973TuesdayBobby Eaglesham
Folk At The KB ('Kiss' make their live debut on this day!)

February 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/02/1973FridayCrispThe Change
03/02/1973SaturdayCapricornIron Virgin
04/02/1973SundayCliff Richard *The Country Gospel 4
* See comments at top of page
06/02/1973TuesdayBilly ConnollyThe Tannahill Weavers / Causeway FolkFolk At The KB
09/02/1973FridayThe Madison FourThe Change
10/02/1973SaturdayPortnoy's Complaint

13/02/1973TuesdayThe LagganCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
14/02/1973WednesdayBert Shorthouse & His Broadcasting Band

16/02/1973FridayPendulumThe Change

18/02/1973SundayBeggar's OperaSammy (& guests) / Lucas & McCulloch
20/02/1973TuesdayBarbara DicksonCauseway FolkFolk At The KB (Barbara Dickson's only appearance at the Ballroom)
23/02/1973FridayBubblesThe Change

27/02/1973TuesdayThe CluthaCauseway FolkFolk At The KB

March 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/03/1973FridayMagicThe Change
03/03/1973SaturdayNicholsonThe ChangeRoberta Flack wins two Grammys for 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' - written by Ewan MacColl (father of Kirsty MacColl)
06/03/1973TuesdayArchie FisherCauseway FolkFolk At The KB
09/03/1973FridayCapricornThe Change
10/03/1973SaturdayStagThe Change
13/03/1973TuesdayThe CroftersCauseway FolkFolk At The KB (The Crofters were from Aberdeen)
16/03/1973FridayAnthemThe Change

20/03/1973TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB
23/03/1973FridayNicholsonThe Change
24/03/1973SaturdayVehicleThe ChangeAlice Cooper's album 'Billion Dollar Babies' hits #1 in the UK on this day.
27/03/1973TuesdayBilly Connolly
Folk At The KB
30/03/1973FridayCrispThe Change
31/03/1973SaturdayThe Playboys
From Ireland

April 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/04/1973SundayPendulumThe Change
Folk At The KB
06/04/1973FridayPolyThe Change
07/04/1973SaturdaySleaz Band

10/04/1973TuesdayLesley HaleContrabandThe Folk Club
13/04/1973FridayBubblesThe Change

17/04/1973TuesdayThe Tannahill WeaversCauseway FolkThe Folk Club.
The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd went gold in US & stayed in the chart for more than 10 years - The longest chart album of all time!
20/04/1973FridayThe Madison FourThe Change
22/04/1973SundayThe Flying Hat Band
When Wizzard refused to play, their support stepped in to headline (Tickets 66p)
Alice Cooper's 'Billion $ Babies' US No1 on this day.
24/04/1973TuesdayThe McCalmansCauseway FolkThe Folk Club
27/04/1973FridayCrispThe Change
Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' hit #1 US and stayed in the chart for 741 weeks!
29/04/1973SundayEdgar Broughton
Tickets 60p

May 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/05/1973TuesdayCauseway Folk
The Folk Club
04/05/1973FridayFour In A BushThe Change
05/05/1973SaturdayThe Bay City Rollers
David Bowie's 'Aladin Sane' becomes his first UK #1 album
08/05/1973TuesdayThe SkerriesTin WindThe Folk Club
11/05/1973FridayFamily SamThe Change
12/05/1973SaturdayBilbo Baggins

15/05/1973TuesdayMike WhellansTin WindThe Folk Club
18/05/1973FridayPendulumThe Change
19/05/1973SaturdaySneeky Pete

20/05/1973SundayJudas Priest

22/05/1973TuesdayCauseway FolkTin WindThe Folk Club
25/05/1973FridayCapricornThe Change

28/05/1973MondayThe Internationals
From USA
29/05/1973TuesdayGreenmantleTin WindFolk At The KB

June 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/06/1973FridaySweatbandThe Change
02/06/1973SaturdayRainbow *
* Not Richie Blackmore's band!
03/06/1973SundayPolyThe Change
05/06/1973TuesdayCarterbarTin WindFolk At The KB
08/06/1973FridayThe Chris McClure SectionThe Change

12/06/1973TuesdayThe Great Fife Roadshow
Folk At The KB
15/06/1973FridayBubblesThe Change
16/06/1973SaturdayBeggar's Opera

19/06/1973TuesdayCauseway FolkTin WindFolk At The KB
22/06/1973FridayCrispThe Change
23/06/1973SaturdayMickey Finn

24/06/1973SundayNazarethSleaz Band
28/06/1973ThursdayThe Talk Of The Town

30/06/1973SaturdayThe Bay City Rollers

July 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

11/07/1973WednesdayHamish ImlachContrabandFolk At The KB
15/07/1973SundayPolyThe Change
20/07/1973FridaySweet BlindnessThe ChangeSweet Blindness was a five-piece showband

27/07/1973FridayBilbo BagginsAirAir were formerly The Change

August 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
01/08/1973WednesdaySilly WizardThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
03/08/1973FridayBubblesAirAir were formerly The Change
04/08/1973SaturdayThe Rockets

10/08/1973FridayPendulumAirAir were formerly The Change

17/08/1973FridayCrispAirAir were formerly The Change

22/08/1973WednesdayGreenmantleThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
24/08/1973FridayBulldogAirAir were formerly The Change
31/08/1973FridayThe Madison FourAirAir were formerly The Change

September 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
04/09/1973TuesdayThe Paddies
Folk At The KB
07/09/1973FridayPendulumAirAir were formerly The Change

12/09/1973WednesdayThe WaverleysThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
14/09/1973FridayBubblesAirAir were formerly The Change

18/09/1973TuesdayTich FrierThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
21/09/1973FridayMickey FinnAirAir were formerly The Change

25/09/1973TuesdayIain MacKintoshThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
28/09/1973FridayStagAirAir were formerly The Change

30/09/1973SundayThe Bay City RollersAirAir were formerly The Change

October 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/10/1973TuesdayMike WhellansThe PaddiesFolk At The KB
05/10/1973FridayJohn Wayne BandAirAir were formerly The Change
06/10/1973SaturdayBilbo Baggins

07/10/1973SundayBeggar's OperaBison / The PaddiesFolk At The KB
12/10/1973FridayThe Average White BandAirAir were formerly The Change



23/10/1973TuesdayWatt NicollDoreen Swan / The PaddiesFolk At The KB
26/10/1973FridayBubblesAirAir were formerly The Change

30/10/1973TuesdayCarterbarThe PaddiesFolk At The KB

November 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/11/1973FridayThe Madison FourAirAir were formerly The Change

06/11/1973TuesdayGaberlunzieMonolugFolk At The KB
09/11/1973FridayMickey FinnAirAir were formerly The Change

11/11/1973SundayNazarethAirAir were formerly The Change
Tickets - 80p
13/11/1973TuesdayThe Tannahill WeaversMonolugFolk At The KB
16/11/1973FridayBulldogAirAir were formerly The Change
20/11/1973TuesdayThe LagganMonolug / RazFolk At The KB
23/11/1973FridayPendulumAirAir were formerly The Change

27/11/1973TuesdayBill BarclayMonolug / RazFolk At The KB
30/11/1973FridayBubblesAirAir were formerly The Change

December 1973

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
04/12/1973TuesdayHamish Imlach
Folk At The KB


FridayPendulumMickey Finn
11/12/1973TuesdayGreenmantleMonolug / RazFolk At The KB


18/12/1973TuesdayWatt NicollMonolug / RazFolk At The KB
21/12/1973FridayStagAirAir were formerly The Change
24/12/1973MondayThe Madison FourAirAir were formerly The Change
28/12/1973FridayBubblesAirAir were formerly The Change

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