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Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club hosted gigs seven times this year.


Siouxsie & The Banshees & The Scars were billed to appear on Sunday 9th September 1979 as part of the 'Join Hands Tour', however the gig was cancelled (tickets were advertised and sold for £2). The Friday before, Kenny Morris (drums) and John McKay (guitar) walked out of the band at an Aberdeen record shop prior to that evening's gig at The Capitol in the town. They hopped into a taxi, allegedly to Stonehaven, then got the first available train to London. So the Aberdeen gig was cancelled after Siouxsie announced from the stage "If youíve got one per cent of the aggression we feel towards them if you ever see them you have my blessings to beat shit out of them", but the Siouxsie & Sevrin came back to play a ten-minute version of The Lord's Prayer, accompanied by Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst. This led to the cancellation of the ballroom gig and the next couple of dates too, but the rest of the tour went on with Robert Smith playing for both The Cure and The Banshees, with Budgie taking over the drumming duties. (Nearly 20 years later, Siouxsie and Budgie were in a remote hotel in the Lake District, when they went down for an evening meal on their first night there and who should be sitting at the next table but John McKay and his wife. The first time they had met since McKay and Morris went AWOL in 1979...! (Oh to have been a fly on that wall).
Many thanks
Ray Smillie (aka 'Fu') for the above.


Highlights this year included:

The Damned
The Revillos
The Ruts
The Skids
The UK Subs


January 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

05/01/1979FridayJoe Lethal

09/01/1979TuesdayWalter Petrie
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club
12/01/1979FridaySneeky Pete



February 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
06/02/1979TuesdayThe Billy Anderson Trio
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club
16/02/1979FridayLight Of The World

March 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/03/1979FridayHigh Voltage
Glasgow band
08/03/1979ThursdayRonnie Easton & His Band
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club
25/03/1979SundayThe SkidsTrax Trax were formerly Straits

April 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
19/04/1979ThursdayGrace MacCleaver's Broadcast Band

21/04/1979SaturdayBlack Rose


28/04/1979SaturdayBlack Rose

May 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

Under 18s Disco
11/05/1979FridayStage 3

Under 18s Disco
7-Piece Soul Band
Under 18s Disco
24/05/1979ThursdayDelinxInsect Bites / Trax / The Subject / Activan / The Hibernating Bears / The DifferentTickets 70p
Trax were formerly

June 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
05/06/1979TuesdayMax Houliston & His Band
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club
08/06/1979FridayCissy Stone

12/06/1979TuesdayThe DamnedThe Ruts / Activan / Auntie Pus 
15/06/1979FridayJimmy St.John & The Funktastics

17/06/1979SundayThe SkidsThe Edge / DelinxTickets £1.50
5-piece funky soul band

July 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
6-Piece Band

August 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/08/1979FridayStage 3

5-Piece Soul Band
17/08/1979FridayThe Jets



September 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

* Siouxsie & The Banshees / The Scars was cancelled (Tickets were advertised for £2)

20/09/1979ThursdayThe Jets

21/09/1979FridayUK Upstarts

28/09/1979FridayThe Jets

30/09/1979SundayThe RevillosTraxTickets £1.50
Trax were formerly

October 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
02/10/1979TuesdayThe Currie Brothers
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club
05/10/1979FridayUK Upstarts

07/10/1979SundayThe UK Subs
Tickets £2.30 in advance or £2.80 at the door


26/10/1979FridayThe Jets

November 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks

04/11/1979SundayThe RutsThe Flys
The Flys were from Coventry
06/11/1979TuesdayDouglas Lawrence
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club


Trax were formerly Straits
23/11/1979FridayThe Jets


December 1979

DateDayHeadline ActSupport ActRemarks
03/12/1979MondayThe Hibernating Bears
Under 18s Disco
04/12/1979TuesdayIain MacPhail & His Band
Dunfermline & District Accordion & Fiddle Club

10/12/1979MondayThe Hibernating Bears
Under 18s Disco

22/12/1979SaturdayThe SkidsFingerprintz & Josef K
Tickets £2.25 in advance or £2.75 at the door
23/12/1979SundayThe SkidsFingerprintz & Josef K
Tickets £2.25 in advance or £2.75 at the door

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